Jan. 6, 2010

“When someone has experienced that level of trauma and disintegration of one’s being, then you have to be present for a lifetime.”
–Laurier women’s studies professor Helen Ramirez on supporting loved ones after they’ve left an abusive relationship.

“You would think I was referring to a country that has very little experience with democracy.”
–Laurier professor David Docherty on the Harper government’s history of prorogation of parliament

“To represent the world is something only a select few will ever be able to experience.”
–Laurier wide receiver Alex Anthony*

“I can see how administration would hate him. He’s not about the textbooks and the assigned readings. In one class, he gave out textbooks for free.”
–Matt English referring to former Laurier professor Franklin Ramsoomair

“It isn’t a decision based on what may or may not be a good or bad review.”
–Former director Justin Glover on his decision to resign from his position – not the result of this issue’s board review.

“Update on survey; the update is that it’s ongoing.”
–Graduate students’ association president Melany Banks*