Jan. 6, 2010

5 years: Senate and board of governors positions added to WLUSU election ballot

The Cord reported that for the first time students would be voting for the student board of governors and senate positions on the same day as the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union president and board of directors elections. This was done in an effort to increase the incredibly low voter turnout for the governor and senate elections. Previously, when the elections occurred at separate times, it sometimes took several days of the polls being open in order to reach quorum.

Printed Jan. 6, 2005

25 years: 50 per cent tuition hike suggested

The Bovy Commission, formed to plan the restructuring of the Ontario university system and the cause of much controversy between 1984 and 1985, released its recommendations on Jan. 15, 1985. Among the suggestions was a 50 per cent increase in tuition for students, which caused an uproar across the province. Particularly vocal against the recommendation were then New Democrat Party leader Bob Rae and Liberal leader David Peterson.

Printed Jan. 17, 1985

35 years: Money tight, programs expected to suffer

Financial difficulties struck Wilfrid Laurier University during the ‘70s; governments were cutting back on funding to post-secondary institutions. At Laurier, new programs had recently been developed in anticipation of the funding and were in danger of being cut from the academic department. The faculty of music, masters of business administration and co-op programs were close to being launched, and the school did not want to set these initiatives back any farther.

Printed Jan. 16, 1975