Jan 26, 2011


“I just think the world of all seven
kids that came over and to have this
happen to them now after everything
else they’ve been through is just

—Gary Jeffries
Laurier football coach re: former Waterloo football players being unable to play at either Laurier or UW next year

“It was just extra days for kids to party and get drunk and stuff and we’ve been happy with our longer period but realize we can’t have both.”
—Ray Darling, Laurier registrar re: other schools shortening their O-Weeks to accommodate for a fall reading week

“Where women see the chance to make a difference, they will.”
—Ginny Dybenko, dean of SBE, re: women’s ability to make good leaders

“It becomes very difficult to do something different… you’re disciplined for not being like everybody else.”
—Helen Ramirez, re: the pressure for women to conform on a tight-knit campus

“Ontario is unfortunately sitting in a situation where we are paying more in tuition fees than any other province and the government is also contributing less per student than in any other province.”
—Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance (OUSA) president Meaghan Coker

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