Jan 26, 2011

5 years ago

Grits win K-W, lose Canada

The federal election resulted in a minority win for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. The Tories dethroned Paul Martin and the Liberal Party with 124 seats in comparison to the 103 Liberal seats. Andrew Telegdi, Liberal MP, reclaimed his seat in Kitchener-Waterloo with 46.84 per cent support, making it his fifth straight term in Ottawa.

Printed Jan. 25, 2006

10 years ago

Brantford campus gets classed up

Two years after its inception, the WLU senate approved a new honours program in contemporary studies. The change was well overdue as second-year students at the Brantford campus had been unsure of whether they would have to transfer to the Waterloo campus in order to complete their degrees. Also approved by the senate was a minor in Indigenous studies as well as two new contemporary studies courses.

Printed Jan. 24, 2001

20 years ago

New dorm on budget

The new Bricker Residence was projected to have a completion date of Aug. 15, as was announced by the Laurier housing director Mike Belanger. Cold temperatures and snow had caused some delays on the building process, but Belanger mentioned that the project was running under budget.
It was announced this week (Jan. 25, 2011) that the mortgage for the building has now been paid off.

Printed Jan. 24, 1991