Jan. 13, 2010

“They’re usually pretty good about it because they know we’ll scream at them if they don’t get the report done according to the agreement.”
–WLUFA president Judy Bates on admin getting the ratio done on time

“They’re not hiring at the poli-sci factory right now.”
–Arkell’s Max Kerman on what he’d do with his political science degree if he didn’t resume music

“Yeah, whatever… HOMO!”
–Winter carnival participant to a fellow competitor

“Most people get PhDs not because of the money but because they love what they are doing and want to pursue something at a much greater depth.”
–Joan Norris, dean of graduate studies

“I think it is more of a struggle because there is a fair amount of mental gymnastics that need to take place in order for respect to be given.”
–Gabe Rose in reference to people learning to accept different gender identities

“Our practices are so physically demanding that you don’t need the effects of alcohol compounded on top of that.”
–Manager of football operations and head coach Gary Jeffries on players drinking

“Winning four is an accomplishment. But we’re looking for five.”
–Women’s hockey team captain Andrea Ironside on winning another OUA championship.

“I wish I could be like Jim [Balsillie] and come up with a new product every month… I guess our [product] has a longer lifetime.”
–President and chief executive officer of Mattamy Homes Peter Gilgan, joking around with RIM CEO at a luncheon on Wednesday afternoon. Mattamy was the recipient of Laurier’s Outstanding Business Leader Award for 2009, which Balsillie won last year