Ignatieff speaks at WLU


Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party, visited Wilfrid Laurier University on Sept. 19 for a rally hosted by the Young Liberals.

Ignatieff addressed the involvement of youth in politics and the need to introduce a more positive vision of politics to Canadians that the current government, he believes, is lacking.

“When the choice is presented to the Canadian people I have absolutely no doubt how they’re going to choose.”

Although the possibility of an election has been laid to rest for the time being, the hopes of a Liberal government remained strong among the crowd and Ignatieff himself.

“I don’t know when this election is going to come, but I know one thing in my heart of hearts this choice will be crystal clear, and everyone is this room is going to have to line up on one side or the other,” said Ignatieff.

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