Here’s to a thoughtful, fun St. Patrick’s day

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With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, the excitement on campus and among students is growing. There are numerous ways people choose to celebrate and with a new large scale venue introduced to mitigate the annual presence on Ezra St, there is uncertainty as to how the day will unfold. Regardless of where or with whom you celebrate, keep in touch with the spirit of the day and be mindful of other people’s fun as well as your own. Nobody benefits from a hospital trip, an arrest, a black eye or property damage. Let’s work towards allowing the most people to have a good day and that means respecting what individuals perceive as a successful St. Patrick’s Day.

As Laurier students, we have a reputation to maintain as a school that knows how to have fun but also respects boundaries. Unfortunate events at other schools should serve as an example of what crossing the line looks like. Have fun, don’t break shit or each other and let everyone enjoy the day in their own way.

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