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Gun Rally Courtesy of Flickr commons
Gun Rally Courtesy of Flickr commons

I would never go so far as to suggest that anti-gun control advocates are the dumbest people in the world, however, they definitely rank in the top five.

While the devastating Sandy Hook massacre occurred over a month ago, the debate on gun control is still making front-page news. This argument has led to outrageous remarks by anti-gun control advocates. Not only do these people choose to ignore facts, but they have put forth some of the most ludicrous suggestions I’ve ever heard.

My suggestion for gun control is simple: revise the Constitution and remove the second amendment; the right to bear arms.  Undoubtedly, this recommendation is extreme, but necessary. Nations like England and Wales have effectively banned handguns and automatic weapons, making the countries incredibly safe. Even when compensated for population difference, the number of firearms related homicides is about two per cent of their American counterparts.

Personally, I fail to see how typically rational people become complete lunatics over something like gun control. While many view it as a totalitarian act, it’s simply libertarianism taken to an extreme perspective.

Yes, banning all handguns and assault weapons would indeed be a limitation of freedom, however, this is no more a limitation than a speed limit or a criminal code.
The libertarian band-wagoning that has surrounded the gun control issue has had an insurmountable cost, and thousands have had their lives taken in the libertarian pursuit of “freedom.”

While banning the sale of handguns and assault weapons may do relatively little, restricting the availability of ammunition would provide an effective means of severely limiting the use of firearms. The overall value of gun legislation is one matter; but there is also an important discussion surrounding the stupidity of pro-gun advocates.

It seems that even the suggestion that Barack Obama may institute stricter gun control measure has brought some crazy people out of the woodwork, with even more ridiculous proposals.
Two examples stick out in particular: the suggestion by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to arm teachers and the ‘Sandy Hook Truthers.’

Now, I do not feel much need to address the NRA as an organization. They are an outrageous group and, according to some, the blood of the Sandy Hook massacre is, in part, on their hands. While the organization is horrible to begin with, equally disgusting was the suggestion put forth by Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre, who proposed that teachers be armed.

Perhaps I am being too logical, but I see no reason why teachers should walk around a kindergarten classroom with a handgun on their hip. Guns in schools will simply result in further casualties. This is true with police officers, but even more extreme in the case of teachers, who lack the training of police officers and who are inexperienced around weapons.
It’s hard to top the NRA in terms of crazy, however, the ‘Sandy Hook Truthers’ have managed it.

This group suggests that the massacre was simply a ploy by Obama to institute gun control. This claim insults the 27 victims of the massacre and the movement is a complete pinnacle of insensitivity.

The debate over gun control is one that should not be taken seriously. Obama should impose an outright ban on handguns and assault rifles, and severely restrict access to ammunition.

Simply put, the dissenters in this debate are the craziest of citizens; so crazy that we should feel free to disregard their opinions completely.

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