Growth continues in languages and literatures


An article appeared in a recent issue of The Cord (“Cuts continue in Languages department”) that raises important issues about recent developments in the department of languages and Literatures. However, it does not present the complete picture of what has been happening in the department.

Languages and Literatures has seen enormous growth over the past few years. Student enrolments have more than doubled since 2005. The vibrant Laurier French Club now has more than 200 members. We will be opening a residential learning community next year, which will enable students to combine their social and academic lives in a meaningful way. The list goes on.
In order to keep pace with growth, the department has been authorized to hire three tenure-track positions in French in addition to a two-year limited appointment in Spanish.

With the authorization to make these hires came a suggestion that the department look closely at certain courses to determine whether they could be either cycled or deleted. The suggestion was also made that the department think about the future of the Mediterranean studies program. After careful consideration, the department decided to discontinue Mediterranean studies and to build more flexibility into the curriculum.

In sum, the department has made some sacrifices. However, in the context of the larger picture, these sacrifices pale next to the enormous strides the Department has made.
– Milo Sweedler
Chair, Languages and Literature

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