Gratefulness is fulfilling and makes your life great


You wake up one morning, enthused and ready for the full day ahead. But then you miss your bus. Now, you’ll be late.

You decide to walk. After all, it’s only 10 minutes.

You get to wherever you need to be, only to realize you forgot your wallet at home. Looks like you will be skipping lunch this afternoon.

You head back home, hungry and drained from a busy day and your immediate thought to your self is: “could anything else go wrong?”

The truth is, we have all faced adversity at some points in our lives. Sometimes, everything just seems to be going wrong and your whole world seems to be coming down around you.

But, this is the moment when gratitude is more important than ever.

Be grateful for what you have. Take a second to step back and put everything into perspective. Is your situation really that bad?

Surely, there must be something positive about your day. Concentrate on the good, it will make you happier.

It will improve your quality of life.

When we take a chance to step back from our hardships, I think we can realize just how many things we take for granted on a daily basis.

I have wanted a new phone for a long time. My old one is a little worn out and when I see everyone around me with the latest iPhone, it makes me question why I don’t have the latest version myself.

However, this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be grateful for what I have.

The fact that I even have a smartphone is something I should be thankful for.

There are so many people in the world who can’t even afford a phone. Compared to them, I am certainly living a life of luxury.

The bottom line is there is always going to be someone who owns something that’s newer or better than you. That’s just the hard truth. However, it’s important not to get caught up in material things.

When you choose to think with a positive mindset, I believe that you truly begin to understand the good in every situation.

Now, this doesn’t mean that everything is going perfectly; you could be having a rough day, a rough week or even a rough month.

But it does mean that you should try to choose to be optimistic.

You make a conscious decision to be thankful for everything that you do have and you choose to continue to keep a positive attitude.

There is also a very strong distinction between feeling momentarily “blue” and experiencing depression.

No matter how hard life gets, it’s important to always go to sleep each night thankful for what you have.

Make 2017 the year that you choose to be more grateful.

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    Very inspiring!!

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