Full-page spread useful for note taking


In regards to the full spread feature titled “What you didn’t know about your body” published in last week’s paper, I feel the need to say, as a third year business student, that I found the abundance of blank space on the spread to be invaluable when working on finance problems.

Anyone who studies math can relate: writing down formulas, then rewriting them until you get your answer through a trial-and-error process requires a great deal of scrap paper.

How delighted was I when I found an entire spread to work with! My ballpoint pen glided oh so smoothly on the soft, clean newsprint. The paper conveniently folded into quarters the size of a standard 8 1/2” by 11” piece of paper. Magic.

But it’s not always so good.

Every week I see hundreds of unread newspapers piled into the Peter’s building recycling bins, and I think to myself, “what a shameful waste.”
From my experience with newspapers in high school, I am aware that you can’t simply print less, and must order papers in bundles from the press.

Thus, I modestly propose that every forthcoming issue of The Cord come with a full spread of blank space for students to write notes on.

By doing so you will effectively convert the sunk cost of the unread newspapers into usable working tools, and will benefit the learning of Laurier students and staff.

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