From the Editor

I was under the impression that when I became an editor at The Cord, I would be participating in free, fair, balanced media.

After two hours of carefully conducted, recorded and transcribed interviews, some people still question what others admitted to me as fact.

My article on Charity Ball has become a he-said-she-said of epic proportions, where the lesson I wanted to convey has been lost.

Instead, I’m left worrying that this year Epilepsy of Waterloo/Wellington will lose out on a substantial donation and this year’s executive won’t learn from last year’s mistakes.

In my wildest imagination I never would have guessed that not only my hard work but also my intelligence would be called into question for writing what I found out was the truth.

All I want is to keep people honest, and ensure that the Laurier students aren’t taken advantage of.

I have confidence that Claire Petch and her team this year have the competence to look past last year’s numbers (which don’t lie), and complete a successful Charity Ball – one that I plan to attend.

–Alanna Wallace, In-Depth Editor