Fine arts are underappreciated at Laurier

For a school that is centred on its prestigious business and science programs, fine art is almost always lost in the fold here at Laurier. Outside of a rather prominent music program, the university tends to give the cold shoulder to the dramatic and visual arts.

With the three-night performance of Laurier Musical Theater’s “College: The Musical” this past week and with the Laurier Fr!nge Festival coming up this weekend, it seems like there’s no better time to acknowledge the small group of students who refuse to forget their creative abilities.

We, however, attend an institution that is very athletics-oriented. The opportunity to participate in theatre, dance or creative writing is quite scarce due to this fact. It would not be surprising if a vast majority of the student body didn’t even know what the Fr!nge Festival is, let alone that it is happening this weekend.

Here at Laurier we have become lobotomized to the concept of original and creative thought. These few campus clubs exist solely as an outlet for those of us who miss the chance to take part in artistic endeavors. If you feel the need to stop binge drinking or researching (for the few of us who are academically inclined) to instead draw, act, sing or dance, know that there are groups that can help you out.

Kudos are deserved to those extra-curricular groups who still find the time to put on a performance for the enjoyment of others and who demonstrate their ability to show that not all of Laurier is lacking creativity. Thank you for giving us a means of practicing fine art again.