Feb. 24, 2010


5 years:
Students protest Rae’s tuition rise

Approximately 50 to 60 students gathered outside the Aird Underpass to rally against Bob Rae’s recommendation to lift the current tuition freeze. The protest was organized by the Graduate Students Association, who made the argument that increasing tuition would put students in greater debt, which would discourage them from pursuing graduate studies.

Printed Feb. 16, 2005

25 years:
Work program changes affect summer jobs

The proposed Challenge ’85 program – which the NDP and Liberal parties were not in favour of – was proposed in an attempt to create more jobs for students during an economic decline. During the previous summer, it was estimated that around 180,000 students could not find summer jobs. Students were to apply to the program and be placed in jobs related to their prospective careers.

Printed Feb. 28, 1985

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