Feb. 16, 2011

“Just like the Packers we’re going to
come in as the wild card and do some
damage in the playoffs.”
—Erik Kroman, Laurier men’s volleyball captain re: his team’s

“Ours is more fun, the girls are cuter
and the rap is hotter.”
—Brandon Greenwood, Laurier fourth-year communications student and
one of the artists involved in the
Laurier rap remix “Gold and Purple”

“He said: ‘Come work for a real board.’”
—Jon Pryce, Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) board member elect re: Bryn Ossington

“There’s a kind of superficial community that exists between cultures that’s a really stimulating and mind-expanding kind of process to go through and I don’t think when you’re a long time in one place or you get all your education in one country that you ever have an experience quite like that.”
—Patrick Deane, president of McMaster University

“Our number one [priority] was promoting Laurier before dissing
everybody else. A lot of other tracks wanted to diss first and then kind of promote their school on the side.”
—Adel “Jazi” Hijazi, one of the creators of the “Gold and Purple” video re: the group’s philosophy on their rendition of the song

“This is how we did it this year and I don’t know if it had that much
influence on who was elected.”
—Kyle Walker, WLUSU president re: randomized ballots during the online election