Fear mongering behind marijuana prohibition

With the world in financial turmoil, health care systems becoming more and more unsustainable, a sensible solution is in dire need. The lies that have been told for the past century against marijuana, cannabis and hemp need to be dispelled, so that reason can prevail.

Marijuana has no links to cancer or other life threatening illnesses; not one death has been directly attributed to marijuana, whereas hundreds of thousands occur annually from alcohol and tobacco. Hemp has been used for hundreds of years; it is a suitable bio-fuel, it is better than cotton for clothing and paper, and has more medical uses in one naturally occurring plant than any other known to man.

The Canadian government spends 1.3 billion dollars a year to prosecute marijuana users. As an unregulated business, the profits for grow-ops reach several billions annually.

Move to regulate marijuana with taxation and re-invest in vital areas and we not only solve the deficit and health care, but can stop deforestation, the fuel crisis and reduce pharmaceutical costs.

Of course for this to happen, politicians first need to stop lying to the public and fear mongering so they can further powerful industries for their campaign interests.

It’s a revolution of common sense. Are they up to the challenge? You can’t argue stupidity forever. But anyone who’s extensively researched its uses will tell you, prohibition of cannabis in all forms is laughable and causes far more harm than good.

—Jackson Hounsell