Editor’s note: We’re here for you


I’m really tired.

Over the past week putting together this 40-page monster, I have slept less then five hours a night, have put in well over what would apply as “double overtime” and have drank probably twice my weight in green teas.

But regardless of how much my body is aching for a decent night of rest or for me to eat something other than greek yogurt, I am so damn proud.

I am proud of the 15-person staff I overlook that were in and out of this office — that doesn’t have air conditioning — working feverishly to finish the highest amount of pages we print in our publishing year.

I am proud of the content you hold in your hands or are reading on your laptop that took hours to write, edit, refine and design.

I am proud of the community of people that surrounded The Cord while they put this paper together. The gratitude I have for them could never be explained in this small editor’s note.

But the point of this is that all of the above comes together to show you, dear readers, what The Cord and its family will go through to bring you quality news.

We’ve been sent hate emails, we’ve been sent angry Dear Life submissions and most of the time we’re disregarded for what we do.

But despite this, we’re still here. We’re still going. We’re still doing what we love and we’re still here to serve the Laurier community. We’re here for you, whether it’s to yell at us, to appreciate us or to say we suck.

Our job is to give you the news and our job is to engage you in discussion about what’s happening on and around the Laurier campus.

And because we’re here for you, we want you to be part of the discussion. Email us a tip. Tell us about an event. Tweet at us with what you want to know.

Because regardless of what it is, we’re here to tell the story.

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