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The newspaper that you are holding in your hands is so much more than just a newspaper. You are holding the blood, sweat and tears of 17 Laurier students.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a tad dramatic.

When I was in second-year, three years ago, I filled out an online form to apply to be an Arts & Life volunteer writer for The Cord.

I knew absolutely nothing about our school paper. I didn’t know who ran it. I didn’t know where the office was.

The fact of the matter is that this is just not well known information.

Who are the faces behind The Cord? Who decides the content that goes into these pages?

It’s certainly not just me.

Four months ago, 17 student volunteers made a promise to The Cord to devote a significant chunk of their weekly schedule to the success of this paper.

Being a member of The Cord’s management team, Editorial Board or senior staff team is not a job, its a lifestyle—we think about The Cord every single day.

It’s important to me, as Editor-in-Chief, that these volunteers are given the appreciation and recognition that they deserve.

While I can tell them, “thanks for the hard work,” every time they leave the office, I know spoken gestures can be redundant.

I want you to know that the students who put in this hard work are just that: students.

Students with homework. Students with GPA’s to maintain. Students with families and friends.

They are truly remarkable.

To The Cord staff: thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to be a part of The Cord’s 90th year. The success of this newspaper would not be the same without each of you playing a part.

And to our readers: thank you for giving us a reason to keep doing what we love to do. We’re here specifically for you.

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