Editors Note: Saying Goodbye


Every Tuesday night, my best friends and I sit in a grungy house on Regina Street.

A lot of shit goes on — we listen to horrible music, we fight over ginger ale, people unwillingly are forced into submitting dear life’s, but most importantly, we work hard and we work together to create a paper every week.

Writing this last editor’s note was both easy and difficult. It’s easy to reminisce about our countless jokes and shenanigans. But it isn’t easy to say goodbye.

Working for The Cord, each day has presented its challenges. There have been countless days where I’ve been stressed and exhausted looking after this publication; but I know more than anything, that it has been the one taking care of me.

It has been such a huge part of my life. Thinking back to who I was the day I saw my first byline in print four years ago, I am so different and it’s largely because of this paper — It’s made me who I am.

Leaving this paper is going to be hard. But saying goodbye to the people I work with will be harder.

I’m so thankful to have been in this position and to have done this job. I won’t forget it as I move forward. But most importantly — I won’t forget the connections I have made.

I don’t want to say goodbye or leave it behind, but The Cord will always be a part of me. And it’s the memories and stupid stuff we’ve done on Tuesday nights that I’ll always get to keep with me.

This past year, I’ve had 17 people by my side who have worked tirelessly every single week to bring The Cord to life. We’ve made mistakes together and we’ve learnt together. And I’m so proud looking back at all of our accomplishments.

So, here’s the part of this editor’s note that I’ve been looking forward to:

To Eva, thanks for skipping your horrid 7 to 10’s when we needed you. Kate, our online dude, I wish I was as cool as you. And Sarah, thanks for being my honorary copy editor.

I think that everyone should be like Alyssa Ali G; hilarious-commentary on stories and all.

Garrison, I wouldn’t be able to look back on this year and feel as proud as I do if it weren’t for you — you’re a good work wife.

I will miss Kash’s ed cartoon’s and funny commentary in my office. And Sadman, what can I say? I will miss being “boss” to you the most.

Parnav, I know you say you won’t miss me, but I know you secretly will and I will miss you throwing shade every Tuesday, you will always be our lilSP.

I’m thankful to Hayley, my brother, for writing four news stories a week, for being weird with me and for always letting me win at Words With Friends.

And to Emily and Aaron (my FB’s), thank you for playing trash music to make Tuesday’s calmer and for being my reassurance and pals every step of the way. I know this publication that I love is in good hands with you two.

I could go on about more of them if I had more space.

Tomorrow is going to feel bittersweet. I’m excited to see our paper on stands one more time the morning after a long Tuesday production night — a mid-week feeling I’ve looked forward to throughout my entire undergrad.

But despite it being bittersweet, I’m glad I get to take away 17 friendships from this job. You’re all coming to my wedding!

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