Editor’s note: Prioritizing due dates

Sometimes, taking the two-per cent isn’t that bad.

I tend to say these words to myself frequently. When I was in high school, I would say I was a pretty motivated student. I studied hard and got pretty good grades; but I prioritized school over everything — work, extracurriculars and my social life. 

When I got to university and realized that getting the same grades that I did in high school would not always be feasible, I began to find it easier to slack off. 

When I came to Laurier, my interests also began to disperse from what I was studying in school. I was therefore far more interested in the extracurriculars and work that I was doing aside from school, which is why I’ve always seemed to put academics second. 

In my opinion, the work I do here at The Cord is almost just as valuable — if not more valuable — as the things I am learning in my classes. 

When choosing to work or join extracurriculars while in school — especially if taking a full course load — is quite the commitment. And by making that commitment, I believe it’s important to follow through on your responsibilities and complete your commitments to the best of your ability. 

However, for me, I often put school on the back burner in order to prioritize my job and other components of my life. 

I have an essay due tomorrow as I write this. And although school is important to me, so are many other things. Today is my girlfriend’s birthday and the day we produce the paper. 

So tonight, instead of going home and finishing my essay all night, I’m choosing to take the two per cent and celebrate with her instead after taking my time to focus on making the paper. 

I’ve found that, for me, having a more balanced life in which school is not my first and only priority makes me more happy. I don’t often pull all-nighters to study, and instead, try to plan ahead to study as much as I can and to the best of my ability without stressing myself out too much. 

Even more importantly, this has left me more time to focus on things that add positivity to my life, such as spending more time with friends, getting physical exercise, etc. 

Putting school second isn’t for everyone — especially those looking to pursue further education. However, for me, it works. 

Focusing on things that make me happy is a solid payoff for getting a grade slightly less higher than what I could have gotten.

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