Editorial diminished plight of Palestinians

RE: Queen’s rector abused his power in letter to Ignatieff, Mar. 16

In regards to The Cord Editorial Board’s criticisms aimed at Queen’s University student rector, Nick Day, I agree that signing his letter to Ignatieff, as “Rector” was wrong, as he was misrepresenting his views as those of the student body.

I do not, however, agree that the contents of the letter were “absurd.” I did not know the Cord Editorial Board was an authority on naming the human rights tragedies that are more important than the apartheid regime facing the Palestinians. It is absurd to rank human rights tragedies in such a way, especially as some of the ones mentioned are ongoing and some are not. It was also extremely problematic of the Editorial Board to insinuate Day was stating the human rights tragedies listed did not occur. Day makes no such comments in his letter. This editorial was an insult to the current and past victims and survivors.

Additionally, how can the Editorial Board diminish the systemic expulsion and the continued illegal occupation of the ancestral land of the Palestinian people in such a callous way? Regardless of your thoughts on Day, speaking out against the continued oppression of an indigenous people is by no means “absurd.”

—Gina Kish