Dwayne Johnson wouldn’t “Rock” the presidency

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a famous figure that has gained widespread notoriety for not only being a box office powerhouse and HBO star, but an insatiably likeable good guy to boot.

He’s come a long way from his poorly animated appearance as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns, a 2001 sequel that pretty much jump started his acting career.

Currently, his Instagram account boasts over 92 million followers alone, featuring his perfectly white, chivalrous smile in nearly every post that he shares. The Rock is the epitome of a loveable tough guy, his “blood, sweat and respect” motto being used as a motivational mantra by his legions of inspiration-hungry fans.

It’s hard not to like him. He represents the hard working, do-gooding American that people want to see in the limelight. With a seemingly spotless persona and a never-ending work ethic that only aims to prove his worthiness as an impeccable celebrity, it would seem to many that he’s made to be a presidential candidate in the next election.

In an appearance alongside Tom Hanks, Johnson dramatically opened Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, booming to an applauding audience, “Starting tonight, I am running for the president of the United States!”

There have been countless rumours about his potential presidency run, fuelled by the media and by the man himself. He’s plugged this allusion into several interviews and social media captions, dubiously stating that he wouldn’t “rule it out.”

The idea of Dwayne Johnson becoming president doesn’t sound completely ludicrous, especially given the state of American politics as of late. He’s said it himself: he could be the relatable president that everyone needs.

Johnson’s charisma is undeniable and the dedication he has to his fans is an aspect that makes him so magnetically charming.

He may be able to serve up a slew of wise cracks in a summer blockbuster alongside Kevin Hart and jump out of an exploding car with barely a scratch, but his qualifications don’t go beyond his entertainment status and being able to, in his words, “Lift heavy shit”.

Regardless of the public image he presents, I have my doubts that he would be the best choice for a role that isn’t in an action movie. 

At this point, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a better fit for the job, regardless of whether or not he could actually run for it.

Though they share similarities in their attitudes towards pumping iron and their testosterone-fuelled mindsets about success, Arnold has actual political experience. The 38th Governor of California was in office from 2003-2011.

He may be a widely known namesake because of his bodybuilding and acting career, but I’ll give him credit where credit is due. He has a background that’s actually relevant for the position.

I never thought I’d be promoting Mr. Universe, of all people, to run a country. Yet, when he’s matched against the voice of a Disney character who has no political involvement to speak of, I’ll take my chances.

To give another point to Arnold, he continuously stays involved with ongoing issues and uses his social media accounts as platforms for what he stands for. He actively makes his stances known and regardless of whether or not you agree with him, his affiliations and beliefs are clear.

Johnson, I have noticed, remains consistently mute or vague in comparison regarding noteworthy events. Though it is not his job to use his Twitter to speak out against white supremacy, if he was serious about becoming president, then he would have to use his commanding voice for more than loosely worded motivational quips about life.

I also just like living in a world where Dwayne Johnson can be The Rock and not have his name associated with a position of power. He’s the happy-go-lucky bald guy that doesn’t challenge my positive opinion of him, whose alarm clock app wakes me up in the morning to “hit the iron paradise.”  

He’s a bulked up powerhouse that I’m happy to see in an overhyped Fast and Furious movie, but he’s not president material.

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