Death is a struggle to overcome

Re: “Five stages of grief”, March 17

I just wanted to say thanks for publishing the article “The five stages of grief.” A friend of mine committed suicide last year in April, and after that I could not function.

I didn’t write my exams in April ‘08, and fall semester this year (second year) I failed some courses.

Back in December I was so anxious and stressed about school and exams that I couldn’t eat anything.

I pushed everybody away and felt like I had absolutely no support system. This Janurary, I’ve finally started getting some help.

The anti-depressants help a little bit; I feel some emotion again, sometimes, but for a long, long time I stopped feeling anything.

It’s been almost a year and it’s not really any better. Some days it is, but then other days I feel like I’m right back at square one.

He’s on my mind literally, every second of the day, and I dread the week of the 11th in April. My heart practically stops when I think about it. It will have been one year.

Every day when I wake up I wonder the exact same things. And how in a building of 326 students, a boy my age felt like he couldn’t reach out to any of us for help.