Creative Director

Creative Director

 The Creative Director will contribute to the overall design of the newspaper by collaborating and planning with members of the editorial board. This salaried position requires creativity and innovation, leadership and the ability to work with a team. They are the primary contact and manager of the Social Media Intern and assist with the Lead Copy Editor. They should be aware and respectful of deadlines. Candidates for this position must: 

  • Convey an understanding of how The Cord operates and have experience in design;  
  • Work a minimum of 15 hours per week in the office on Cord-related items, including production;  
  • Work with section editors to plan the design of their layout before (when applicable), at the beginning of and throughout production;  
  • Monitor the visual layout of all pages to ensure consistency and avoid redundancy;  
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief to design cover and be able to independently create and utilize their own ideas when needed;  
  • Help develop production materials, such as InDesign library items and paragraph styles regarding Cord style;  
  • Ensure that all photos and graphics are edited properly for the website at the end of the production cycle;  
  • Act as a mentor for the Social Media Intern and Lead Copy Editor;  
  • Show proficiency in social media, including but not limited to Twitter/X and TikTok; 
  • Be accessible to all Cord staff and maintain open communication with editors and the Editor-in-Chief;  
  • Attend editorial board meetings and meetings with the Editor-in-Chief;  
  • Assist in planning and administering training for Cord staff and/or volunteers;  
  • Be comfortable and efficient at allocating tasks. 

As this position does not necessarily give reason for the director to be in the office outside of production and meetings, it is encouraged that the director communicates with the staff when they will be in and out of the office; 

When using social media in regards to The Cord or WLUSP, the director is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner.

Serving the Waterloo campus, The Cord seeks to provide students with relevant, up to date stories. We’re always interested in having more volunteer writers, photographers and graphic designers.