Concrete damages false

Re: Student asked not to ‘stilt’ on campus, Sept. 30, 2009

I couldn’t help but notice Rob Curran, director of special constable services, note that there is $20,000 worth of damages on the fresh concrete at the Waterloo campus due to skateboarding, powerbocking, and trick biking.

What I am questioning is the $20,000 of damages that seems to be pulled out of the ass of some imaginary publicist who is entirely against these activities.

Why does the school take such a negative stance on these activities?

I know that some of my roommates have been told not to skateboard when they are trying to get to class and other times they have just been riding around campus just to get some exercise.

I understand that those who use the quad or other school property for free skating or riding might leave black marks behind but when used for commuting these vehicles are no different than rollerblades, electric scooters, or my own two feet.

I did some research into the price of concrete.

I found that a yard of concrete averages around $75 and one yard of concrete will cover about 81 square feet to a depth of four inches.

What I cannot seem to find on campus is the 21,546 square feet of damaged concrete. Someone is either exaggerating the damages or I just completely missed them.

If it is really that much of a problem, pay some students to clean the black marks on the weekend.

I bet it would cost less than $20,000.

–Brad de Bekker