Charity win


Movember has come to an end, and once again the faces of men are clean and cold.

If you still don’t know what Movember is, let me briefly explain why there has been a sudden influx in the amount of shocking face warmers on campus.

Movember began in 2003 when a group of friends in Australia decided it was time to bring the moustache back. Of the many nick names given to the infamous mustache – lady tickler, fanny duster and stash – mo is the most popular in Australia.

This is where the term “Movember” comes from.

I’m sure many of you are aware that rocking a mo is a brave move since it tends to attract a ridiculous amount of attention. The creative men who started Movember decided they would use this attention to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

Six years later, hundreds of thousands of men have decided to do the same, resulting in millions raised thanks to this small facial accessory. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best.

Prostate cancer has flown under the radar for far too long, especially considering one in six men will be diagnosed with it at some point in their life.

“This is such a basic way to increase awareness,” said Matt Giilck, a member of Laurier’s Team Stashmo, in reference to his choice to rock a mustache this past month.

The seven men who made up Laurier’s Team Stashmo made a promise to raise as much awareness and money as they could over the month of Movember.

So how did they do after a month of growth? Remarkably well.

Will Jardine, John Kennedy, Mike Greenway, Matt Giilck, Josh Gould, Aaron Tsarfati and Brent Gillard committed to a month of attention-grabbing facial hair in support of prostate cancer awareness; with a budget of nothing, these men have raised $934.01.

More than just raising money and awareness, Movember has gone back to the basics with charity and fundraising, reminding us all that sometimes less is more.

“I 100 per cent made people more aware,” Giilck said.

Team Stashmo was founded by Will Jardine after he heard about Movember on YouTube.

Movember has grown in popularity so quickly, in part thanks to its online presence. With promotional videos and a user-friendly, fun website, the foundation has made it easy for men to form mustache-growing teams, raise money and get educated about prostate cancer.

Canada has raised close to seven million dollars, putting us in second place globally behind Australia.

“I feel like it is a point of pride,” Jardine said in reference to the overwhelming support.

“I think because of how diverse we are as a country, we are ready to take on different issues,” added Giilck.

Regardless of the reasons, Canada has proven that we are both charity minded and pro-cancer awareness.

Movember and Team Stashmo should be looked upon as an example of successful and simple charity at its best. Join the team next year and be a part of something great.

Team Stashmo after 31 days

alt text

John Kennedy

The Hollywood mo

31 days of growth

alt text

Josh Gould

The sombrero mo

31 days of growth

alt text

Matt Giilck

The porn star mo

31 days of growth

alt text

Mike Greenway

The defiant ginger mo

31 days of growth

alt text

Will Jardine, team captain

The recovering coke addict mo

31 days of growth

All photos by Nick Lachance

Funds raised

$15,717,488 Australia

$6,619,597 Canada

$6,395,101 UK

$2,717,956 US

$1,095,939 Ireland

$531,470 New Zealand

$934.01 stashmo

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