Celebrate Canada’s Olympic athletes

The facilities are standing, the athletes are coming and in a few days, the world will be watching the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.
But there are Canadians who will protest the games. They will sit, arms folded, refusing to support an event that anti-Olympic groups have dubbed “a corporate circus” that infringes on human rights.

While the problems should never be ignored, the fact is that the Olympics are going to happen and no picket line is going to change it.
One thing Canadians should be focused on and proud of is that our athletes are going to be good.

Statistically, Canada has been gradually improving, finishing third in the overall medal count at the 2006 Games – just one behind the United States. But now, the Canadian government has taken strides to improve our nation’s chances.

It used to be that hockey and curling received the most funding from the government, leaving other sports underfunded and neglected; however, this has changed because of a focus on financial backing through the Own the Podium program.

Established in 2005 by the Canadian government, the program plans to contribute more than $100 million dollars to fund our athletes in 2010 and 2012. They now currently possess more quality equipment and training than ever before in Canadian Olympic history.

There is also the hometown advantage. For months, Canadians have had the advantage of training on the very same courses where they will be vying for world supremacy. For the first time on home soil, Canada has a solid chance to be on the podium for at least one gold medal.

Hopefully, Canada enjoys and accepts the Olympics for what they are supposed to be – an opportunity to display our pride and a chance for the world to come together through sport.

–The Cord Editorial Board