Canda in Brief: June 24, 2009

NDP government elected

NOVA SCOTIA — The New Democrat Party, with leader Darrell Dexter, won for the first time in history in Nova Scotia’s provincial election on June 9. Their win marked the end of the Conservative Party’s 10 year hold on the province.

Taking 32 of the province’s 52 ridings, the NDP reduced the Conservatives to a mere 10 seats. The Liberal Party was declared the official opposition with 11 seats.

– Compiled by Linda Givetash

Students’ Union’s expeditures

QUEBEC — Newly elected president of the Concordia Students’ Union, Amine Dabchy, revealed the expeditures of the previous administration. A $600,000 transfer made to health broker Morneau Sobeco was blocked by Dabchy.

The transfer was believed to be made to hinder the incoming administration. An additional $200,000 in legal fees, conflicting with a previous disclosure of $60,000, were also listed.

– Compiled by Linda Givetash

Federal election averted

ONTARIO — An agreement was finally made between the Conservative government and opposition concerning employment insurance (EI), ending the possibility of a spring election.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and leader of the opposition Michael Ignatieff will be assembling a panel to analyze the policy of EI over the course of the summer to combat the growing rates of unemployment. The possibility of a fall election still remains open.

– Compiled by Linda Givetash

Apology for sexual exploitation

ALBERTA — Blaine Harrison, a former private school teacher, apoligized in court for having sexually exploited one of his students in 2002.

Harrison had developed a relationship with one of his female students when she was 15 and he was 35. They relationship lasted two years. The girl, now 19, expressed that she still feels a loss from the ended relationship.

In October 2008, Harrison pleaded guilty for sexual exploitation and is asked for the minimum sentence of 45 days in jail. The judge is expected to deliver his sentence on July 21.

– Compiled by Linda Givetash

Former US presidents in Toronto

ONTARIO — It was a unique scene for Torontonians on May 29, as protesters rallied across from the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where former US presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton met in discussion in front of a crowd of approximately 5,000.

-Amanda Roth, special to The Cord