Canada in brief: Sept 4, 2011

Tim Hortons experiments with new sizes
Tim Hortons is offering new coffee cup sizes by removing the small size and adding an extra large cup. Luckily for coffee drinkers, prices will stay the same, it’s only the ounces of coffee that will increase.

This size change comes after Starbucks introduced their 31-ounce trenta size earlier this year.

Tim Hortons has stressed that this is only a test and does not mean these are the official sizes; they might change back depending on feedback. Sudbury and Kingston will be the first to see if a bigger cup means a better morning.

Vancouver police continue search
Vancouver police have set up a new website aimed at helping to identify suspects involved in the Vancouver riots after the Stanley Cup finals in June. Members of the public are encouraged to look at the site to help police identify suspects.

“We want these people charged with participating in a riot and sentenced for their full involvement the night of the riot,” Vancouver Police Chief Const. Jim Chu told the CBC. Police plan to charge suspects with participating in a riot, the most serious offence they can lay, instead of the lesser charges of mischief or looting.