Canada in brief: July 27

Layton takes leave

NDP leader Jack Layton will be taking a leave of absence to receive treatment for a new cancer, after it was announced earlier this year that he had prostate cancer. Shocking news on its own, its unfortunate appearance comes just over two months after Layton led his party to record gains in the federal election and Official Opposition status in the House of Commons.

Layton however, does not seem to be discouraged. He was quoted by CBC news saying, “I will beat this new cancer and I will be back in the House of Commons to defend the values and priorities of Canadian families.”

Parliament resumes September 19. Layton’s absence however, has created some unease for the NDP party, who have been facing repeated questions about the experience levels of some of their new MPs in opposition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative majority government. Layton recommended Nycole Turmel, the NDP’s national caucus chair and rookie MP for the Quebec riding of Hull-Aylmer, for his interim replacement.

Ontarians support green energy

A recent poll conducted by Oracle poll Research Limited and commissioned by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), shows that over seven of 10 Ontarians support green energy initiatives. Most green support was shown to be from the younger generation, between the ages of 18-34 years old. According to OSEA, executive director Kristopher Stevens commented, “Ontarians are smart. I interpret the polling results to mean that the majority of people in our province understand clean energy produces good jobs and is beneficial to our environment – and that it is worth supporting.”

These results are based on an 800 person compilation survey of voting age residents (18 years of age or older) from the province of Ontario.

—All compiled by Amanda Steiner