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Graphic by Adele Palmquist
Graphic by Adele Palmquist

Topless protest disrupts legislature

A group of protestors, reacting against the Parti Quebecois’ proposed Charter of Values, began taking off their clothes during question period on Tuesday when premier Marois answered a question. The group of women are part of an organization called FEMEN Quebec. Protestors were criticizing the alleged hypocrisy of the values charter, which would permit certain Christian symbols to remain, while banning other religious symbols. They chanted “crucifix, decalisse,” translated loosely to mean “crucifix, get the hell out of here.”
Security guards removed the protestors from the chamber.

Report reveals veteran troubles

Canada’s veterans’ ombudsman Guy Parent has revealed his assessment of the government’s veterans’ charter, indicating that action needs to be taken to protect their financial situation. Parent found that there was inadequate financial compensation provided to veterans. Benefits and pensions, he believes, are insufficient. Changes were previously made by the Conservative government in 2011 to the charter after it received a slew of complaints. Veterans have been critical of the changes to the system that they believe discriminates against them by providing less than what was provided by the government in the past.

Cyber-bullying scrutinized in Nova Scotia

A new cyber-bullying investigative unit has been unveiled and is now operating in Nova Scotia. The unit, which includes five investigators, will take in complaints of cyberbullying and investigate them. This is the most recent development in a growing trend to address this modern form of bullying. Nova Scotia also passed the Cyber-Safety-Act in 2013.
Investigators have the ability to apply for cyberbullying prevention order to prevent cyber communication between the perpetrator and victim, refer the case to legal or police channels or resolve the situation informally.

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