Campus clubs hopeful


Re: “Campus clubs still unable to access WLUSU money,” Oct. 21, 2009

In response to the article written about the newly developed Campus Clubs and Faculty Associations registering process, I would like to thank the Cord for outlining the newly updated process that was created to better serve the needs of all Laurier students involved.
This was a high priority project that has resulted in a more efficient and easy-to-use system in which both returning and newly formed clubs can register and apply for appropriate funding all at the same time.

This allows all clubs the ability to become registered and receive their allocated funds much more quickly.

As well, the budgeting component for this year has remained consistent with previous years; which requires all clubs requesting financial support to apply for an operating budget similar to any other WLUSU based committee.

This ensures accountability and responsibility with all student dollars being allocated. As a result, the newly designed registration process will also provide an opportunity for all clubs to register themselves more quickly in future years.

The Campus Clubs Executive Council remains passionate and dedicated in providing for the needs of all clubs and their members with financial, logistical, and developmental support.
Campus Clubs is, and will continue to be a valued department in the Students’ Union supported by a dedicated full time staff and an extremely passionate Executive Council.

I encourage any student with questions, comments, or concerns to contact myself at campus or visit the Campus Clubs office for further assistance.

—Lawrence Maclin, Assistant Vice President: Campus Clubs and Faculty Associations

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