Campus clubs finally investigated

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union board of directors has finally taken initiative and is acting upon student concerns regarding campus clubs. Every year there are problems raised with the organization and at last week’s board meeting, a motion was passed to inspect certain documents from the campus clubs office.

This inspection will look into the management policies that are in place, as well as their system for allocating money to clubs. The goal is to provide students and board members with an understanding of how the campus clubs system works.

A new structure was developed this year for clubs to apply for funding and for management to distribute the finances. While the new system seemed to be efficient, everyone outside of management seemed to be left in the dark about how exactly it worked.

The students’ union is now taking the appropriate first steps to deal with the long-standing problems and confusion surrounding campus clubs, and will hopefully continue to follow through with their inspection and keep students informed.
Campus clubs is an organization made for students and because it involves so many volunteers, it is important that they are knowledgeable about the procedures and policies so that they can be confident in the way the organization is run.