Braid’s handling of F-35 reckless with taxpayer dollars


Dear Editor,

When undertaking the most expensive military procurement ever, respect for hard-earned taxpayer dollars should be priority number one. But when it comes to the costs of the F-35 stealth fighter jets, Peter Braid and the Conservative Party failed to be up front with Canadians.

Braid claimed in Parliament that “the F-35 is the right plane for the Canadian Air Force at the right time for our country.” (November 18, 2010)

But the recent Auditor General’s report has shredded the Conservatives’ deception about the project: Stephen Harper low-balled Canadians on the project’s total cost.

The report confirms the government knew the F-35 would cost $25 billion, but told Canadians $15 billion — $10 billion less. That’s a $10 billion mismanagement of your money.

Nearly two years ago, the Liberals first raised a red flag about these concerns — only to meet with Conservative denials and deception.

Mr. Braid and the Conservative Party must stop being reckless with your tax dollars. Canada should hold an open competition to secure the planes our troops need at the right price.

Yours sincerely,

John McKay, Defence Critic

Liberal Party of Canada

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