Board failed students

While the university itself is forced to make significant cuts to all departments the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union seems to have the opposite problem: it has too much money to spend funds wisely.

Director Andrew Fryer’s proposed and passed amendment of $25,000 for a market research initiative is a reflection of the inept abilities of WLUSU’s governing body.

Students vote for a student’s union that uses their money wisely and makes practical decisions with student fees.

Although $25,000 – the amount now budgeted to the board to find out what students “really want” – may seem like a small sum in comparison to other components of the operating budget, it still deserved more thought and research than an on-the-spot decision at the board meeting.

While elected student directors’ should make serious efforts to fulfill platform initiatives, in this particular instance Fryer’s determination to come through on his campaign promise was clearly detrimental to the functioning of the union. Having now passed a deficit budget, management is left searching for funds with which to pay for this project.

A decision from the board that allowed such a ludicrous amendment to pass was completely irresponsible.

That only four out of the 10 directors in attendance were actually able to fulfill the most basic requirements of their position – commitment to and representation of students – is frightening.

If this is any reflection of the decision-making ability of this year’s board, students should expect a very disappointing year.

So, for students asked about what they want from the students’ union in the future, maybe you should suggest: less market research and more common sense.