Appalled by Asif

Re: “Nine years. No degree. No problem,” Sept. 30,2009

I am appalled by last week’s features article “Nine years, no degree, no problem” about perverted, and pathetic slacker Asif Bacchus.

Why should an article glorifying a peeping tom who gets a kick out of spying on unsuspecting women in their own dorms, be permitted in our campus paper?

This is newsworthy, but should be under the headline “Police Looking for a Possibly Intoxicated Peeping Tom on Campus: Female Students be Aware!”

This is not okay with me and should not be okay with the Laurier Women’s centre, or with anyone for that matter. What kind of example is this setting for first year students? The Cord and writer Shannon Busta should be ashamed.

It is pathetic that Asif is into nine years at Laurier without a degree.

He should be embarrassed that he can’t handle his alcohol consumption or balance school work with partying.

It is quite ironic that one of his pet peeves is “dumb people” when he is a complete idiot himself.

Is an image of an underachieving, perverted, alcoholic the image of Laurier that the Cord wants to present?

This piece of garbage article did come in handy for one thing, as paper for my new puppy to make messes on!

–Shay Beck