Andy’s Ego fans arrogant

Re: “Last Band Standing made bad choice,” Letter to the Editor Nov. 25, 2009

When reading The Cord I was not surprised to see that there was a letter from a fan of Andy’s Ego a band who had competed and lost in the Last Band Standing that was held mid-November at Wilf’s.

The angered fan had not agreed with the decision that was made by the judges and believed that Andy’s Ego should have won the round to move on to the finals.

The reason I was not surprised is because the same attitude was shown by their fans when Andy’s
Ego had lost in the finals last year for the same event.

I am writing in to inform Andy’s Ego fans that this kind of arrogance in the music industry will ultimately lead to the band not making it anywhere at all.

Until the day Andy’s Ego gets their big break they will continue to be an up and hopefully coming
band. This will not come very easy with fans and friends of the band continually representing the band in a negative manner. The music industry is harsh, and people more important than fans and friends will make decisions that may or may not go well with the public.

Andy’s Ego is a great band, but when the ego of the fans and friends come into play people’s thoughts of the band may change for the worst.

–Michael Tjahjadi