All you haters get a clue


The chant at the Blatchford protest Nov. 12 was not “racist, racist, racist” it was “no racists in KW,” meaning that racists and colonialist propagandists will be confronted in KW and those who support systemic racism (while probably abhorring individual racist acts) need to question their teachings of dominance, colonialism and patriarchal supremacy.

Now, all you haters get a clue. You live in a society based in oppression (patriarchy/dominance), which is destroying itself (mass extinction, unsustainable resource use, soil/water devastation/toxification) and living without honour (no commitment to treaties — other than neoliberal ones, ongoing colonial wars, systemic abuse of new immigrants).

You tell me to get a job or grow up. I thought growing up was taking responsibility; I thought work was supposed to strengthen a community. I guess there are some differences between your “growing-up” and actually maturing.
This system trained us for 10-20-30 years to be capitalists and individualists, So we could live in the isolated “peace” of privilege. We don’t want these inherited oppressive systems; we will live so everyone can live.

The violence and injustice of colonialism are of us, and until the physical structures and current practices of settlers are confronted, we will not have peace.

You cannot in one step remove ideas of dominance and oppression from the colonial mind, but you can live critically, live radically and live with the knowledge that you are responsible for your actions — responsible to yourself, to those who you love and love you, and to all the future faces.
—Dan Kellar

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