Alanna Wallace maddeningly arrogant

Re:  Pope’s advice on condom use is archaic and dangerous, Dec. 1 
I would like to begin by saying that I respect the points of view illustrated in your article — you did a good job of articulating them.

However, you came across as maddeningly arrogant and sickeningly condescending by essentially saying you would stifle dissenting opinions and that everybody else should too.

I would recommend that you get off your high horse, because holding an opinion that you believe is right does not make you better than anybody else, nor does it mean you are correct.

People do not like being told what to do, nor do you have the right to “stifle” people’s opinions. Ordering people around and espousing only one point of view are actions of the 15th Century.

In the modern age we have a wonderful thing known as free speech, might I suggest you learn some respect for it. So, with all due respect, who is really archaic here?
 —Nicholas Pearson