Ahmadi Muslims persecuted in Pakistan


Picture this. You are an Ahmadi Muslim.

By law you cannot call yourself Muslim.

By law you cannot greet others with “Assalaamo Alaikum”.

By law you cannot call your mosque a mosque.

By law you cannot declare the Muslim declaration of faith.

By law you cannot proliferate your religion.

By law you cannot gather for the sake of discussing your faith. This is all punishable by imprisonment and even death.

Even if you refrain from all that, there’s still nothing preventing a hate-filled fanatic hopping your fence at night and stabbing you to death.

There’s still nothing preventing you from being ambushed while leaving work and shot dead alongside your brother and son.

There’s still nothing preventing your home or business from being burnt by a violent mob.

Nobody in the country cares.

Police? Forget it.

Nightmare? – No, this is reality for Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan.

On May 28, extremists stormed two mosques of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, killing 94 – the biggest crime against Ahmadis yet.

The condition is worsening daily.

We must act now to save Ahmadis in Pakistan from a potentially looming genocide.
If we don’t even try, then doesn’t some of that blood lie on our hands?

– Ahmed Sahi

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