Advice from the archives

Printed Sept. 6, 1979 – Being a first-year is…

In this 1979 issue of the Cord, a list was written to describe the first year experience. The following are some choice descriptions:

Being a first-year is…

  • Walking into the wrong classroom and
    staying there because you don’t want
    anybody to think you’re stupid, and
    then finding out that half the class
    is in the wrong place

    Taking part in a panty raid because
    you forgot to pack your underwear

    Getting lost in the tunnel on the way
    to the Library

    Going to the swimming pool and
    forgetting that your bathing suit is

    Liking Radio Laurier

    Buying four cases of beer and then
    finding out you don’t have a bottle

    Calling home for money on September 7

    Being mature enough to go to
    university but too young to drink

    Having an eye on that really good
    looker for weeks, then finding out he
    (she) is a prof

    Finding out there’s a lot more to
    university than books

Printed Jan. 21, 2009 – The bird is the word

Still relevant today, the Cord published a feature piece on bird courses at Laurier. If you haven’t already signed up for your courses, you might want to consider taking a few of these:

  • RE 103: Love and its Myths

    AS 101: Astronomy 1: Our Place in the

    LL 200: Cultural Perspectives 1

    CL 204: Greek and Roman Mythology:
    The Gods