2011 will be more of the same in federal politics

The political pundits are all giving their two cents as to their predictions for what is going to happen politically at the federal level with the dawning of the New Year. It is with these forecasts that you get to see how ridiculously out of touch the mainstream media is with the opinions of ordinary Canadians as they obsess over political strategy and tactics.

The truth is 2011 will be pretty much as terrible as 2010 and sadly no one really cares anymore.

Politicians and the press are continuously focused on issues no one cares about, whether it is condescending taunts about Michael Ignatieff teaching at Harvard and “not being a Canadian” or Prime Minister Harper playing the piano; again, there is little to no debate about issues of substance. Not to mention the obsession with irrelevant daily tracking polls of political support that are all within the margin of error of each other.

Even if there is an election little will change in the current climate. People have made up their minds about the current parties and their leaders. The absence of debate on fundamental issues has led to a climate of apathy that will no doubt herald a further decline in voter turnout.

Canadians want a fresh political climate. Perhaps the resignation of all or some of the party leaders to allow for renewal would be a good place to start. Unfortunately, for Canadians that is simply a pipe dream.