Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor is required to exhibit strong knowledge in their field. They should have extensive knowledge of popular social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok etc.) and thus are required to have good time management skills and a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Knowledge of platforms such as Canva and Photoshop are nice, but not required. Candidates for this position must: 

  • Communicate effectively with the Creative Director and Social Media Intern, responding to them in a timely manner; 
  • Be consistently up-to-date with trends across social media platforms. 
  • Work with and mentor the Social Media Intern weekly  in creating/shooting and brainstorming posts for The Cord’s social media accounts. 
  • Provide feedback to the Social Media Intern weekly; 
  • Set aside extra time during busy times during the term (such as election season) to ensure The Cord’s social media accounts are updated in a timely manner.  
  • Have experience in managing social media accounts in a prior job or volunteer position OR have a closely curated and managed social media presence of their own that they can illustrate in their resume and an interview setting.
  • Dedicate equal time to planning and executing web-exclusive content and visuals;  
  • Manage ALL of the Cord’s social media accounts (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok). 
  • Attend Editorial Board Meetings once a week 

Serving the Waterloo campus, The Cord seeks to provide students with relevant, up to date stories. We’re always interested in having more volunteer writers, photographers and graphic designers.