Unsigned: football team brings out the best of Golden Hawk pride

Parents are asking about our team. Students are streaming the games. Even if you aren’t interested in football, you likely have an interest in the winning streak.

So are we jumping on the bandwagon? Or are we finally taking pride in our team? We think it’s both.

Whether it’s true or not, our football team is seen as the underdogs and everyone loves a good underdog story.

This is the longest winning streak we’ve had since 2009 and it’s understandable that people are excited.

On a more critical note, we pay for the football team throughout the university career. Seeing them succeed is like making a good investment: rewarding and comforting when it pays off.

At our school, the vast majority of students have enormous school pride. We bleed purple and gold. Of course we’ll be excited when we’re winning. The Golden Hawk pride is being put to great use.

Hating the Hawks right now is like living in Toronto and hating the Jays. It’s all fun and games when they’re losing, but when the pride is running high from a winning streak, you’d never be caught dead saying that you didn’t like the team.

Even the least sporty Golden Hawk can get excited about our school being shown in a positive light.

It’s really hard to place hate on a group that’s currently doing so well. We’re hopeful for the future of the team and we can’t wait to see the upcoming games.

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