Two vying for board of governors

Only two students have decided to run for the one empty spot left on the board of governors — current WLUSU board director Scott Fleming and current student senator, Frank Cirinna. Michael Gagliano, who was elected in last year’s election, will stay on the board next year, while Seth Warren has decided to leave his seat.

Student governors have two-year terms and advocate on behalf of the students’ union on property and business related issues within the university. The board of governor candidates opened up the open forum by delivering their introductions and answering what they hope to accomplish within the first 100 days of their term if elected.

“I don’t see it as a role making big changes, it’s not a job,” said Fleming, adding that he, however, would like to see more student involvement and engagement with the governors in order to have more of an impact.

After the governor candidates session, Cirinna told The Cord, “At the end of the day, me and Scott made is specifically clear in our speeches and in the questions answered, there aren’t no true deliverables, but what we can do is put students’ best interests in mind and push for that.”

Fleming declined an interview with The Cord immediately after the governor candidates stepped down from making their speeches at the open forum.

One of the few questions that were asked by the audience was from student senator-elect, Luke Dotto. He asked what the candidates would do if elected about study space on campus.

Fleming responded by saying the he would adopt an idea from the University of Waterloo where librarians would do routine checks of the library desks to clear some off so students can use cubicles that were previously thought as occupied.

After the session, Cirinna mentioned more of his plans if he was elected, such as — in addition to his work as a student senator — changing the grade point average (GPA) scale that WLU currently uses to a percentage scale.

“I’m going to do my best to lobby from the Students’ Union side, lobby from the senator’s side, get some teachers on my side and then as a governor, push forward that and put it all together,” he explained.

He added, “The thing that is really great about board of governors is that it is smaller than senate, there are so many less governors, so your voice actually makes an impact.”

While there’s only one spot open, Cirinna noted that he wouldn’t be completely heartbroken if Fleming was elected instead of him.

“I love Scott to death,” he said, adding that just wants people to vote in the end.

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