Tips for a last-minute Homecoming ensemble

Picture this: It’s Homecoming and you have no idea what to wear.

Of course, we all understand that Homecoming is a sacred event at Wilfrid Laurier University; wearing purple and gold is as much of an obligation as knowing the cheers to scream from the football game straight until the end of the night. If the real question is “What should I wear?” an even more important question is where to get it.

The first and obvious option is the Bookstore.

Unfortunately, you have to plan ahead if you intend on making all of your purchases in one location as size selection gets worse the closer you get towards Homecoming (I’m talking about XL and XXL’s being the only thing left). If you’re well prepared and only intend on wearing your comfortable hoodie to cheer to death, than you’re going to have no problems.

The second option into looking for some Homecoming pieces would be American Apparel. If you like high-priced, shiny articles of clothing to really show off your Golden Hawk swag, this is the place to go. Bandeaus, hot pants and one-size-fits-all tee’s are in an abundance and nothing makes you stand out better than spandex.

Finally, there is the third option of doing it yourself by purchasing clothes acceptable to wear out in public once Homecoming is over. All you have to do is make sure you wear the right colours to the game to avoid the shirtless guys working up the crowd to shun you for having a lack of spirit.

Here’s a little something that’s wearable and Laurier-inspired:

alt text

From left: Sweater from American Eagle $39.16, purple wayfarers from Garage $5, “Golden Hawks” shorts from the WLU Bookstore $22.95, yellow racerback cami from Garage $9.90, thigh-high socks from American Apparel $21 and NEON nail-polish from American Apparel $9/each.

While you may not be able to get away with the thigh-high bright yellow socks on most occasions, the v-neck sweater and camisole can easily transition into other outfits. Adding fun accessories such as sunglasses and nail polish (as well as body glitter and Jerry beads) can also contribute to your Homecoming look without looking like you went overboard.

There you have it: an outfit for Homecoming that’s approved for Laurier spirit.

Happy Homecoming everyone!