The imminent rise of the Toronto Blue Jays bandwagon

Regardless of what happens next against the Kansas City Royals, the Toronto Blue Jays have managed to win the hearts of countless Canadians from coast to coast.

Thousands of fans have tuned in eagerly for each game, anticipating the suspenseful action with eyes glued to the screen and hearts aching for victory.

And victory is what has been served. After defeating the Texas Rangers and becoming the American League Division Series Champions, the Toronto Blue Jays are now one series away from returning to the World Series for the first time since 1993. But it wouldn’t be the first time our hopes and dreams have been viciously ripped from our souls… *cough— Leafs —cough*.

Whether you’ve been a “die-hard” for the last 20 years, or an excited fan for the last two weeks, the Blue Jays are receiving explosive encouragement and support from a wide range of spectators.

But unlike the other teams currently fighting to advance, the Blue Jays have more than their city rooting them on. Canadians all over are cheering for every hit, screaming for every pitch and booing every questionable umpire call.

Players like Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, David Price and Kevin Pillar have become household names for families everywhere — even for those who have never watched a game of baseball until recently.

Yes, the bandwagon is getting bigger every day, and that is no bad thing.

We believe victory is the fundamental basis for generating a following.

The last time the Jays won the World Series was in 1993 and there have been countless fans cheering them on ever since.

Perhaps it’s not a matter of who’s a band wagoner, but rather who’s been on the wagon the longest.

At some point, every supporter needs to feel the inspiration to jump on, but the true fans will stay on even after the ride is over.

The Jays have given Toronto their long-awaited taste of victory, and in order to go all the way, they’ll need all the support they can get.

So “die-hards,” “two-week-fans” and even those who don’t know what “stirring the pot” is, are all welcomed.

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