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During a student’s university career there are many opportunities that one can take part in, be it an Students Offering Support (SOS) trip or other inspiring event. However these opportunities usually boil down to one obstacle: financing. Many trips require funding that is difficult for students to come by. However if you are a student registered in the faculty of arts, you have a source of funding available that is widely unknown. It is called Council for the Intellectual and Cultural Development of the Arts (CICDA).

CICDA is the students’ association for the faculty of arts and if you are an arts student, then you are a member. CICDA operates on the $15 per semester charged to arts students as a faculty based fee. CICDA holds five funding meetings a year where a group of departmental representatives give out funding. So if you are an arts student taking part in an opportunity such as an SOS trip, volunteer work abroad, a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum or some other whirlwind adventure adding to your academic engagement, then apply for funding. Take part in the wonderful opportunities available to you by visiting www.cicda.ca where you can apply for funding to help you in your pursuits.

Additionally, all campus clubs and faculty associations have the ability to apply for special event funding for their club. It has been opened up to all faculty based clubs as well, which is a new initiative this year and we are in hopes that this can benefit even more students than it already does.

You can apply online at WLUSU.com, under the opportunities section of the website and you will be contacted to present your initiative to campus club representatives. The fund is to ensure that individuals with the passion and drive to provide an event or activity to Laurier students are able to do so with minimal monetary limitations.

It is very important to take advantage of the opportunities available to you and the support available from both WLUSU and your respective faculty associations. They exist to empower you as students and promote you to take on new initiatives.

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