St. Patrick’s Day

2009: Property Damage
A residence don reported that several males were trying to enter the building through a basement window.

2007: Liquor Offence
Special Constables stopped a male non-student on Mid Campus Drive carrying a large bottle of liquor. He was issued a provincial offence notice and sent on his way.

2007: Trespass
Special Constables arrested a male non-student in the FNCC after he was evicted from the bar for being intoxicated. The male had been separated from his friend, who was a student. The male was told to wait in the Terrace Food Court for his friend. The male returned twice to the bar – on the second time, he was arrested under the Trespass to Property Act. Due to his level of intoxication, it was decided that WRPS would be called to transport the male to Division 1 cells for the night.

2003: Attempted Theft
Special Constable Services received a report of a stolen fire extinguisher from the first floor hallway of a residence. The building was checked but the extinguisher was not found. No suspects.

2002: Mischief
Officers responded to Clara Conrad Hall after receiving a complaint of four males wandering around and breaking flowerpots. The suspects had left the building prior to the officers’ arrival.

2001: Mischief
Officers responded to a call from Wilf’s staff that there was some kind of disturbance going on in the hallway leading from the Concourse to the Arts E Wing. On arrival, officers found that a large window had been broken. No suspect could be found.

2000: Arson
Person(s) unknown set fire to a poster hanging on the wall in the hallway on the fourth floor of Bricker Residence. The investigation continues.

*1995: Disturbance
A group of rowdy individuals were evicted from the Arts Building after a complaint was received.

1993: Mischief
Two males were observed leaving with a blue recycling bin from the students’ union.