Premier gives ‘show of support’ as Farmers’ Marker partially re-opens


Photo by Heather Davidson

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne was on hand today at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market to give remarks and offer support to the remaining vendors.

Although one of the Market’s main buildings was demolished in a fire that took place in the early hours of Sept. 2, outdoor vendors were able to continue business as usual.

“I have a strong belief in farmers’ markets and local foods as a driver of the economy,” said Wynne, who is also the minister of agriculture and food. “I want to see farmers’ markets expand. So when I saw this iconic market was in trouble, I wanted to make sure I was here to say, ‘it’s open,’ I want people to come and understand that the vendors are here. So I really wanted to just come as a show of support.”

Wynne spoke personally with a number of vendors as she walked through the market, and also picked up some local produce, including peaches and fresh flowers.

At this stage, investigations are ongoing to uncover the cause of the fire and it is unknown what the costs of rebuilding will be.

While provincial funding will likely be explored at a later date, right now, “it’s just too early,” according to Wynne.

“I think that the folks at Queen’s Park have a real willingness to support in any way they can, it’s just a matter of finding out, what are the needs and then are there any programs or assistances available? I know everybody is anxious for answers, but it’s just such early days right now,” reiterated John Milloy, MPP for Kitchener Centre.

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